Reasons to buy a property at Lustica Bay


Everything you need for your living at Lustica Bay is there! 

Everything you will need - you will find it at Lustica Bay at your fingertips! Having a 5 star hotel, restaurants, shops, beauty salon, sport facilities - Lustica is just at the starting point and the future looks great. Following the vision they set back in 2014, Lustica Development is delivering on all their promises. With the new Centrale area and Golf Course to come in the near future - Lustica Bay will be a completely self sustainable destination which  you will not need to leave to get what you want! 

Community and its people!

With having more than 40 different nationalities who have purchased a home at Lustica - it is really a great place to enjoy and feel as unique and as connected to the world. Truly, a place to belong! A place where many new relationships were born, where you can hear a different language on every table at the restaurant, yet so many similar minded people at one place! An international community like no other! 

Activities and events tailored for its people!

Either be summer or winter - there is always something to do and enjoy! Lustica Bay is an active destination where healthy lifestyle is its focus. Go for a morning run, train with the personal trainer or take a yoga class - it is all there for you, you just need to show up! If you want to take a trip somewhere else outside of Lustica, just call the Customer Service and they will give you all the tips and information about what are the hidden best places to visit or which trails you should hike. 

24/7 in person security and Customer Service!

Yes, you hear it right! No matter when you call, there is always someone there to help you! By owning a place at Lustica Bay, you are a part of the community and Lustica goes out of their way to make sure your home is safe and all your needs are met. If you need help to hang painting on the wall...or someone to help you with painting the walls - Lustica Customer Service will help you! Lustica Development is striving towards making your experience at your home be as enjoyable  as possible. 

All new infrastructure! 

When the Lustica Bay project started, it was all a greenfield. That means all roads, all pipes and everything that is needed for one town to operate needed to be built from scratch - a great time for the latest technologies to be used! Additionally, Lustica also has a water tank and Electric Generators to facilitate any outages. 

Developer with a long history of creating and operating a town! 

Lustica Bay is part of the Orascom Development Holding. 

Orascom Development Holding is a Swiss-based company featuring the unique business model of building resort towns with a proven track record for over 35 years, operating in 9 countries across 3 (three) continents. The reputation, dedication, and professionalism of Orascom are an advantage for anyone who plans to buy a property at one of their developments - and with Lustica Bay, it’s no different! 

Heritage Architecture with Green Approach! 

Have you ever walked in a village knowing it’s brand new but it has a feeling of being there for decades? Lustica Bay has taken all the great Montenegrin architecture ideas and best practices and used it to build the beautiful town that has everything you can find in a city around the Kotor Bay. Stone walls, small windows, red roofs, shutters, small pathways and pergolas with barbeque areas where families gather for a great evening under the stars - you have it all at Lustica Bay! All blended together with greenery and great scenic views from every corner. It’s dedication to keeping the greenery as a centerpiece with less than 10% space being used for building is just another reason why investing at Lustica Bay is the right choice. 

A great position and connectivity, yet fully secluded and private! 

Lustica Bay is perfectly located and very well connected by air, sea and ground. 

By air: 

There are 3 international airports which are close by to the destination: 

  • Tivat (TIV) - 10 km away (15 min drive) 
  • Podgorica (TGD) - 70 km ( 1 hour and 30 min drive) - The Capital of Montenegro
  • Cilipi (DBV) Dubrovnik, Croatia - 65 km away. 

Besides the nearby commercial airports, Lustica also has a helipad which can be used if you want to avoid traffic to come directly to the destination. 

By sea: 

Lustica Bay has a state of the art marina that is easily accessible by the sea. With its many amenities such as 24/7 manned security, CCTV cameras, complimentary fiber/optic wifi internet, water supply, power supply up to 125A, toilets and water/waste disposal options you can enjoy your yachting experience to the fullest. Lustica Bay Marina is strategically located and is a great spot to go to Greece or Croatia. All this makes Lustica more and more attractive to yacht owners and boat lovers. 

By ground:

Only a 15 minutes drive to Tivat international airport makes Lustica attractive as a holiday home, hideaway place or a weekend getaway. From Lustica Bay, it takes you 15 minutes drive to Kotor, UNESCO World Heritage site, 25 minutes to Budva with nightlife that lasts until early morning or 20 minutes drive to Tivat where you can go shopping for your favorite Rolex or pick up the latest Christian Dior piece that just came out right from the runaway at Porto Montenegro or just stroll around and enjoy the sundown at the numerous fine dining places Tivat has to offer. 

It’s still just the beginning of the story! 

As of 2022, with 500+ units sold and 40 different nationalities, the Marina Village area developed and the start of creation of new neighborhood Centrale - Lustica Bay is still at less than 20% of it’s planned development. The master plan foresees a town Centre in the resort’s neighborhood of Centrale, more than 1,000 apartments, over 500 private villas and townhouses, 7 hotels, 2 marinas, and a  18-hole golf course. The infrastructure will include a school and medical Center together with further expansion of Luštica Bay’s premium amenities. 

Different option homes to choose from! 

From studios to 4 bedrooms, townhouses to villas - Lustica has it all. Every location within Lustica Bay has its own benefits, you just have to come and find the right place for you! Do you want to be living at the Marina’s promenade and be in the center of it all, or to hear the waves of the Mediterranean sea and be by the beach, overlook the Marina Village from above and enjoy the evening lights of the marina harbor or have a view of the dramatic Kotor Bay from Golf Area and enjoy the unforgettable sunsets-  these are only some of the options within Lustica Bay. We recommend you come and experience Lustica Bay with us, before you decide what's the best fit for you! 

Not forgetting to mention the benefits once you become an owner, which consist of access to Lustica’s private beaches and pools, eco-friendly shuttle services around the project, landscape upkeep, 24/7 security services and surveillance, commercial facilities and wellness amenities. With it’s Lifestyle focus, you will understand when you come living in an international community with more than 40 nationalities present and without a single nationality holding the majority in the homeowners’ demographics.

Read more on “Why Invest in Montenegro Real Estate” to understand what are the perks of owning a property in Montenegro overall. 

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