Why invest in Montenegro Real Estate?


Montenegro is a competitive and dynamic destination with the clear strategic objective of developing a sustainable tourism portfolio whilst protecting its dramatic, beautiful, natural resources. With Well-balanced blend of unspoiled nature, old towns and modern cities, vibrant and luxurious yet relaxed lifestyle, you name it - Montenegro has it.

There are several incentives contributing to the overall environment when deciding on doing business and living in Montenegro. Montenegro Real Estate is still an emerging market with the great potential for capital growth. We will name a few that we hear from our clients on regular basis:

  • Purchase process - Foreigners can purchase a property without any restrictions. The process is very simple and straightforward and the same rules apply to citizens of Montenegro and foreigners.
  • Tourism - Political and economic focus on the Tourism and Leisure sector – a wealth of preserved natural assets and historical pedigree. There are about 2 million visitors every year that come to visit Montenegro - this is a good indicator if you want to rent your property that you will receive a good ROI on your property. According to The World Bank, Montenegro is one of the fastest-growing Balkan economies with Tourism as the main budget contributor.
  • Low taxes - Taxes are low compared to other European countries. Annual property tax ranges from 0.10-0.75% of the market value of the property. Property Transfer tax is 3% of the purchase price. Overall closing costs for purchasing a property in Montenegro are roughly 4%.
  • Stable currency - Montenegro uses Euro (€) as it’s currency.
  • Resident permit - You can obtain a temporary resident permit based on ownership of the property.
  • Citizenship - you can become a citizen of Montenegro after being a permanent resident for 10 or more years or through the Economic Citizenship program (CIP Programme*). Montenegro is a NATO member and you have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 124 destinations including Europe’s Schengen Area, Russia, and Turkey. With Economic Citizenship there is a fast process with receiving the resident permit within 3 weeks and citizenship within 6 months.
  • Starting Business - Montenegro has a very business oriented economy and opening a company and starting a business is very easy. It takes about one week to establish your own company. Foreign investors are subject to the same conditions as domestic investors when it comes to establishing a company and making an investment.
  • Geographic Location - Montenegro is located in Southeast Europe and borders: Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo. The total land area of Montenegro is 13,812 km2. Montenegro is a multinational and multilingual European community, while Eastern Orthodox Christianity is the dominant religion in Montenegro, there are also sizeble number of Catholic Christianity, Islam and other religions. There are two international airports (Podgorica and Tivat) and also Montenegro has a big industrial port (Port Bar).
  • Macro/Micro benefits - Montenegro has a trend of 3% economic growth and with it’s stunning nature, unspoild wild beauty it is a place to be. There are number of “Lifestyle Developers” (www.lusticabay.com, www.portomontenegro.com, www.portonovi.com, www.dukley.com just to name a few) with focus on creating new towns with new infrastructure. With its new roads that are being built connecting the North and South and having a destination all year around. Just take a swim by the Mediterranean sea in the morning and take the breathtaking road up North for the afternoon ski on Kolasin 50km of slopes and you will understand why Montenegro i a place to be and it will be for many years to come.

These above are just some of the comments we always get from people who invested in Montenegro Real Estate. We are sure there are many more and that everyone has their own reasonings and that’s why we invite everyone to share their thoughts and give us the time and opportunity to show you around and find the best place for your lifestyle.

* Citizenship by investment program is currently extended and valid until December 2023. To learn more about the news related to the program and the process, please contact us.

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