Skiing in Montenegro


When you think of skiing, do you think of Montenegro as a ski destination? If not, we think this will change in the coming years. In season 2022, Kolasin has opened new lifts and with so much snow from October to end of March and great ski conditions, it is just the beginning of the new ski destination being built in the Balkan area. 

Think of the ski resort that will be 40m drive from the main airport (TGD) and just about 2 hours from Porto Montenegro, Lustica Bay and all the summer destinations in Montenegro. With new hotels coming to life in 2023/24 right by the slopes, you will have your “ski-in/ski-out” experience as you do in Chamonix, St.Anton, Verbier, and ect. 

We went and opened the season 21/22 in October. The lifts were still not open, but there was enough snow to go ski touring and enjoy the day. Here is a short video of our adventure: 

Kolasin has opened a new K7 lift and with that lift opening, the connection of two ski areas Kolasin 1600 and Kolasin 1450 - skiers can enjoy roughly about 45km of tracks that are covered by the lifts and there is much more space for all the off-piste lovers. This is just the beginning of the development! The plan is to develop further and have roughly about 250km of tracks, all connected - and with the new highway being completed, Kolasin will be one of the best ski resorts in the region. 

Daily ski pass for the season 2021/22 for both ski areas (Kolasin1450 & Kolasin 1600) is 25EUR daily, and they have all other options if you are staying longer. Check their website for more information. 

We went on a day ski trip and we didn't stay in Kolasin, but for those who want to spend a few days there we would recommend Bianca Hotel or stay in the new apart hotel Modern Mountain Kolasin if you prefer to enjoy the privacy and five star comfort in the apartment setting. 

For all those Powder lovers, we think you will enjoy Kolasin as there is enough off-piste space as well. 

Check our YouTube Channel for more videos. 

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